At the beginning of this year, my life turned into an absolute whirlwind.

I left Bali for the first time in two years, uncoupled from my partner of 2.5 years, and then (unexpectedly) solo traveled around the world while healing my heart and keeping my business running.

Basically one hell of a mission I didn’t expect or want to be on, but I had the grace of my angels stronger than ever… and a business built to support the unexpected ups and downs of being human AND the owner of a 7 figure personal brand company.



What it actually looked like behind the scenes...

Sprinting out of my Lisbon apartment between calls the day before my flight to Asia to get yet another PCR test before getting back to run a mastermind call because I misread the covid requirements of transit passengers.

Writing content with my laptop balanced on my knees at boarding gates across Asia.

Burying my face into the seat in front of me because I’m crying so hard on the plane after seeing an old picture of Rene and I pop up on my phone.

Eating bread and cheese for breakfast when I’m normally a gluten free vegan… surrendering to the European diet and missing my morning celery juice.

No routine of any kind, just forget about it.

Fur baby withdrawal, bad.

Voxering my team & getting breakup support on Whatsapp from my sisters in Bali.


Less than ideal, all of it.

But you know what? Honestly, and it’s a miracle, but on the business side of things, it was still business as usual.

In the craziest month of my LIFE, we had 400 people sign up for my latest masterclass, a successful Real World Wealth live course launch, new Sapphire mastermind clients came in, new clients for my brand new offer The Inner Circle came in, podcast episodes were recorded, I was featured on summits, and it was another six figure month.

In fact, we had a $67,000 week right in the middle of me feeling like absolute shit.

I attribute this truly to holding the frequency of consistency and continuous uplevel in my bones, so deep that the external world’s chaos, even my own emotional chaos, simply can’t touch it. It’s an identity level thing. I just know who I am. I know how I show up. I know what I’m committed to. I know what I’ve built. And I trust it. I trust myself.

This is what I’m going to transmit to you in this powerful masterclass.

During the chaotic times of my life, I had to embody the masculine/feminine balance I talk about at a whole new level. Letting the masculine things get done, but doing them with even more tenderness, spaciousness, and feminine energy holding the WAY those things are getting done.


For Example

  • I still finished my book by the deadline…but decided to do it from a 5 star resort in the Maldives that makes my whole body tingle with happiness and joy when I think about it.

  • I still did all my client calls… but I did them in my PJs with a blanket on and not needing to “pretend” to be “normal” or “fine” for any of the soulmate humans I serve, and still channeling brilliance for them.

  • Still wrote content… but did it on the go on the airplane and in the airports, choosing to find inspiration in new ways. And writing from the bottom of my heart or nothing at all.

  • Still showed up and did lives… but without the bright background of my Bali house and perfectly decorated office, instead focusing on raw connection with my people.

  • Still delivered all the bonus modules for my courses…but I moved them to a week after my self-care vacation.

  • Still made a six figure month… but did it on autopilot, not caring too much and just focusing on my healing and joy and balance as much as possible.


In times like these, I am so grateful for what I’ve built over the last two years. I’m grateful for the “systems and structure” we all talk about, but it’s times like this when it’s NON-NEGOTIABLE.

I’m grateful for my team,

For my automations,

For the soulmate nature of my client relationships,

For the way I know what I’m doing so deeply and with so much ease that every move feels like it’s happening on effortless autopilot,

For the energy of my BUSINESS not just me, holding the vibe. And that energy is STABLE. Consistent. Reliable. Potent. Abundant.

For the way that I’ve chosen to create a life and business that’s chaos resistant and that actually NOURISHES ME and fills me up. I truly get to do what I love. And it supports me to live my best life, no matter what is going on.


Are you ready to build a business that allows your human to be and do and have whatever you need and want? That sets you up for longevity, sustainability, and clear, deeply rooted, unshakeable consistency?

Then I’m going to pull back the curtain on some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about growing and running a 7 figure online business while still being a human with lots of ups and downs in my personal and professional life,

share the most intimate parts of my current uplevel into being behind the wheel of a multimillion dollar coaching company,

and help you anchor into your path to a prosperous, unfuckable-with business.

In the Science of Unshakeable Consistency Masterclass,
I’ll dive into all this and more:

  • brush-bullet-24

    How to make consistency feel like a natural part of your life and not something out of your control OR suffocating the creative genius in you

  • brush-bullet-24

    The sales strategies I use that always bring in consistent sales no matter what’s going on in my life

  • brush-bullet-24

    The energetic work I do to be a match for consistent results in business

  • How to get your mindset rewired to improve consistency immediately

  • Breakdown of the structures I use that help support consistency

  • brush-bullet-24

    What I do around lead generation so people are always inquiring about programs, even when I’m not actively promoting

  • brush-bullet-24

    What to set up in your business so you’re always making money no matter how you’re feeling or what you’re doing through as a human

  • brush-bullet-24

    Letting consistency and structure actually feel light, natural, easy, supportive, and nourishing to you and actually create less pressure on you around the business

  • brush-bullet-24

    And whatever else I channel through for you being in the room and actively participating with me during this transmission

The Science of Unshakeable Consistency Masterclass



Hey, I'm

Elaina Ray is a business strategist and mentor for online service providers and entrepreneurs in the personal branding and self-development space. She's the author of Becoming Self Made and the host of the Million Dollar Spirit Business podcast.

After leaving her successful corporate career at Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Uber and traveling to more than 60 countries, Elaina started her own coaching company and became a self-made millionaire by age 31 and multimillionaire by age 32.

She specializes in offer development, high ticket sales, scaling strategy, and mindset and management skills for accelerated business growth. She helps her clients hire a team, scale their operations, and refine their marketing and branding message to be more appealing to the top of their available market, in addition to developing and scaling passive income and leveraged income growth strategies.