Activate your offer creation intelligence
& crystalize your brilliance into programs
you love to sell and people love to buy

Investment: $222

Activate your offer creation intelligence
& crystalize your brilliance into programs
you love to sell and people love to buy

Investment: $111

Nothing beats the moment when you’ve channeled your next incredible offer.


When the next level of your teachings and your brilliance has become clear and you have full faith that the world is waiting for this, needs this, and is going to be transformed by this.


You don’t need me or any other coach peering over your shoulder or holding your hand -- you know good ideas and smart systems when you hear them and you are GAME to go and implement.

Basically when it comes to life and business, you know you got this. And you’ve decided you’re going straight to the top of this industry, no matter where your revenue is right now.

Because you know it’s irrelevant. There are no rules. You can go from $0 to $100K in a few months (many of my clients have). You can go from $5K months to $50K months (yep, see it all the time in my world). You can go from $100K/years to $100K/months (I did).

Hell, if I knew the things I’m going to teach you in this accelerator, I would have been a millionaire in 1 year instead of 2.


You force yourself to do it, but you know...

The fire is out.

It’s a smart offer.

A good offer, even a GREAT one.

And it doesn’t sell. Or it doesn’t sell as you’d hoped.

Your audience can smell it, even if the branding is beautiful and the graphics are trendy.

Here’s where I come in.

As I’ve grown my business from $0 to 7 figures in 2 years and helped hundreds of women grow their businesses online, I’ve lived through launches from these two camps, I’ve watched clients launch offers from these states, I’ve watched people quantum leap like crazy and I’ve watched people stagnate.

The strategy only gets you so far.

Or rather, the marketing and sales and launch strategies are very necessary and important.


They do not compensate for a shitty, forced, mediocre, cookie cutter, pushy, tired ol’ offer that is smart but has no SPARK.

There’s a life force behind every offer.

There’s also a process I go through to create not just offers but MASTERPIECES.

I’d love to teach it to you.


I’d love to teach it to you.

It’s one of the fastest, easiest, and most fun ways to supercharge your existing business.

An offer birthed this way is simply easier to sell.

Leverage your existing marketing and sales strategies, change nothing but this, and you’ll multiply your results.

An offer BUILT this way is also easier to sell.

You need less marketing activities, fewer sales calls, less eyes on you, and you’ll get BIGGER results simply by building the offer in a particular way.

Allow me to show you.




Activate your offer creation intelligence & crystalize your brilliance into programs you love to sell and people love to buy.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • brush-bullet-24

    The energy to be in to create your next offer so that it’s set up to succeed before you even write the first word of the first sales post

  • brush-bullet-24

    Strategically what I consider and put into place before letting my wild creativity and free-flow genius take over to channel the idea

  • brush-bullet-24

    Where the best offers come from and how to always feel juiced up about what you’re selling

  • brush-bullet-24

    The exact process I follow when I create a new offer that’s full of FIRE and magnetism, that I just can’t wait to sell (and that people can’t wait to sign up for)

  • How you can stand out from the noise of the coaching industry and deliver something fresh and of high service and value to a crowded marketplace

  • At least 10 different ideas for programs and offers so you leave overflowing with inspiration and direction for your next YEAR of launches

This is the difference between launches you need to drag yourself through and the experience of clients being literally like “where is the link? Is it live yet? I want to sign up now.” (Literally happens to my mastermind clients all. the. time.)


Not because of some flashy new strategy.


But because of the offer itself.


The masterpiece.


Let me teach you how to create from a place of excellence, sell from the energy of confidence and pride, and deliver from the seat of your true brilliance.

Hey, I'm

Elaina Ray is a business strategist for coaches, personal development experts, and online personal brands, as well as a success catalyst and mentor for female entrepreneurs.

After leaving her successful corporate career at Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Uber and traveling to more than 60 countries, Elaina started her own coaching company and became a self-made millionaire by age 31.

Today her company brings in over 7 figures of revenue each year and she works with hundreds of female entrepreneurs who are committed to high levels of success in their own businesses. She teaches a unique combination of personal development, millionaire money mindset, and innovative marketing and sales strategies to help her clients achieve results.

You can learn more about Elaina by visiting her website and downloading one of her many free or low cost trainings. Her podcast, Million Dollar Spirit Business, is also very popular for the live laser coaching she does on the entrepreneurs who apply to be guests on the show.

Elaina is a world traveler and currently lives in Bali with her beloved Dutch partner Rene, where she owns several real estate investments and continues to diversify her wealth between coaching, online courses, real estate, and cryptocurrency. She's passionate about helping more women become self-made millionaires and achieving true money, time, and lifestyle freedom.

Activate your offer creation intelligence & crystalize your brilliance into programs you love to sell and people love to buy.