Storytelling secrets to attracting the RIGHT clients and choosing the brand story that best communicates who you are and what you do


Storytelling secrets to attracting the RIGHT clients and choosing the brand story that best communicates who you are and what you do

Just a couple years ago, I remember feeling so frustrated that even though I messaged consistently to higher end clients, I kept getting new coaches wanting to work with me.


People who weren’t ready YET.

Who didn’t have the money YET.

Who found me inspiring, but didn’t want to join a high level mastermind.

I felt like just tearing the whole business down… at least twice a week.

I was already a 7 figure coach at this point, but I hadn’t cracked the code on why this disconnect was happening – and it was one of the weakest points in my business.

I didn’t understand –

I spoke to the desire to make 7 figures.

I spoke to higher level problems, like perfecting your group offering, scaling, introducing passive income, and managing a team, but I was still getting people messaging me who didn’t even have a business.

I specifically said these offers were not for people under 6 figures.

I was “energetically aligned to the frequency” of higher level clients.


The exact subset of my audience I was trying to niche away from.


Have you had this happen to you, too?

A blatant disconnect in who you want to work with and who actually shows up?

Even though you think you’re doing everything to address it?

This is a huge issue, because one of the most important and easiest ways to grow your business is to elevate who you’re working with. By simply working with higher level people who get bigger results and invest more deeply in your work together, you can easily double your business.

But if you can’t do that, you’ll get stuck at an income plateau and you’ll probably grow bored with who you’re working with (maybe you already are and that’s why we’re here).

I figured it out though, and I’ve permanently fixed this problem in my own business…

Which is why I’m teaching The Strategic Storytelling Workshop.

What I didn’t realize, back then, was that my problem had everything to do with my core brand story.

Also known as the hero story.


The one you tell over and over again to your audience – that is supposed to magnetize the correct people to you.

(Side note: If right now you can’t even tell me what your current core brand story is, we need to fix that, too.)

I had underestimated the power of storytelling – and strategic storytelling.

I was winging it.

I would tell stories off the cuff, in an intuitive way.

I also underutilized stories in my marketing back then, and without them, I was feeling bored by my good sales copy – and I could tell my audience was bored, too.

When I looked at the core brand story I was defaulting to (in marketing that was either just “good” sales copy or flow-y and unstructured storytelling), it became obvious that the hero story was exactly the problem. It was the wrong story.

And it wasn’t a high end hero story.

Since then, I came up with my unique storytelling formula – and it’s made me a few more million dollars, while working with the perfect fit clients.

With high end clients.

With people excited to join my masterminds.

With people with plenty of money to invest in themselves and a willingness to go the distance.

Now I have more 7 and even 8 figure clients than I ever had before because my entire brand is positioned differently… through story.


Ready to learn how to do this for yourself?

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly what I realized was wrong with my original brand story – and it’s a mistake most coaches make (heck, I had already been a millionaire coach by then and still was making this mistake)

  • How to identify YOUR core brand story

  • How to elevate your core brand story to appeal to higher caliber clients

  • The 4 points along a well-written brand story that make it strategic for more sales

  • How to weave intelligent stories into your marketing so you don’t write boring sales copy and create intrigue from potential buyers


How it Works:

This is an intensive workshop where I teach a step by step, ready-for-you-to-implement strategy on courses for about half of the intensive and the other half is questions and laser coaching on YOU to help you come up with your own strategy for launching and growing the course/passive side of your business.

This is a NO BRAINER if you’re a self-motivated, high level person who can run with good strategy.


Storytelling secrets to attracting the RIGHT clients and choosing the brand story that best communicates who you are and what you do

Investment: $88

About Me

Hi, I’m Elaina Ray - a business strategist and mentor for online service providers and entrepreneurs in the personal branding and self-development space. I’m the author of Becoming Self Made and the host of the Million Dollar Spirit Business podcast.

After leaving my successful corporate career at Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Uber and traveling to almost 70 countries, I started my own coaching company and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 31 and a multi-millionaire by the time I turned 32.

I specialize in offer development, high ticket sales, scaling strategy, and mindset and management skills for accelerated business growth.

I help my clients hire a team, scale their operations, and refine their marketing and branding message to be more appealing to the top end of their available market, in addition to developing and scaling passive income and leveraged income growth strategies.