There comes a time when you look at your big vision and realize you’re going to need HELP.


It’s a time of transition, when you’re going from the scrappy solopreneur coach with her VA doing everything mostly herself and stepping into the grown up role of a 7 figure CEO who manages support coaches, operations help, tech experts, a social media manager, and branding and copy staff. (Whatever it looks like for you will be different based on your needs and desires.)

And this is a big shift.


Hiring and finding your soulmate teammates is not even the biggest challenge… it’s actually learning how to manage them and incorporate them with the most efficiency possible.

You get to grow into a business that can really scale -- and how it feels is SUPPORTED.

Ready to learn how to start doing this?

Then you’re going to love this masterclass.


Here’s a look at what my life as an already successful coach looked like before and after I had a team.

BEFORE (Baby Elaina at her $25K months and panicking mark)

» I had 1 OBM but still did a lot of things myself because when I have to instruct someone too much, I’ll just do it myself (I wasn’t skilled in delegation back then). She didn’t do things proactively as much as I actually needed for the volume of clients I was handling.

» There were no support coaches in my group programs so I felt all the pressure of holding space for that many people and inevitably disappointed some of them.

» I took client calls at non optimal times of my day to accommodate their schedules best.

» I would spend time setting up email automations or adjusting my sales page because I knew how it wasn’t “such a big deal” (this was before I learned the laws of multiplication and the importance of constantly elevating the frequency of my energy).

» I worked 5 days/week, 7 hours/day and time off was sporadic, whenever I could fit it in or whenever clients happened to simultaneously roll off.

TODAY (Million dollar Elaina at her $150K months and relaxing into what’s become bigger than her mark)

✓ I have 5 team members: my COO, CTO, 2 support coaches, and a creative director for social media who manages the agency underneath her who makes sure the details get done.

✓ My COO takes care of most of the administrative, operational, and business-side of the things so I can stay in my absolute zone of genius, which for me is coaching, creating thought leadership vs sales content, and thinking for the future and making decisions at the CEO level that multiply our revenue through efficiency.

✓ Structure inside my group programs gives my clients access to my expertise AND a whole team of experts so they get even better results and my energy is leveraged.

✓ I work 3 days/week, approximately 4 hours/day with 1 week off per month and 2 months off year.

✓ I plan my time off in advance and we have team-based structures in place to support my clients even when I’m on vacation.

✓ I never take calls earlier than noon and never later than 5pm… my clients know my time zone and I have healthy boundaries throughout my business.

Ready to upgrade the team aspect of your ever-growing business?


We’ll cover:

• What you need to know and where you need to be in your business and mindset BEFORE hiring

• How to avoid the most common mistakes coaches make when hiring that will cost you time, money, and energy (I’ll tell you the epic face plants I’ve made when it comes to hiring)

• The energy of successful delegating and not micromanaging

• Who’s on the Elaina Ray team and what tasks each person manages for us

• Success principles for MANAGING a team because your problems all don’t get solved by just binging someone on board

• Q&A at the end