Learn money management practices, investment strategies, and practical financial mindset that will align you to creating and managing millions in a healthy way

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Learn money management practices, investment strategies, and practical financial mindset that will align you to creating and managing millions in a healthy way

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After creating both a multimillion dollar coaching and then a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio in under 5 years, I am stoked to share what I’ve learned about wealth creation & management as someone who has come from absolutely nothing to this point in time and has helped hundreds of clients increase not only their income generation through their business but their wealth as a whole.

Hands down the best way to earn and receive more money is to show money that you are prepared to handle, invest, and steward it well.

There’s so many things I wished I had known before I became really successful and one of those things is how to be prepared to handle the millions of dollars.

There are plenty of teachers on how to make money – but few teachers on what to do with it once you have it, or the energetic and personal growth that is catalyzed from big financial growth spurts and sudden success.


This is the #1 area I wish I had had more support in before I made it big.

It would have helped my success come sooner, feel easier, and I would today have even better investments and financial health had I started thinking & acting the way I do now much sooner.

Here’s the truth:

You want more money, but you’re going to need to act & think in a much different way NOW, way before it comes.

How you navigate money right now is sending an energetic signal to the universe (and your business, subconscious mind, and accounts) about what level of income you’re prepared to receive.

By correctly navigating money TODAY, you tee up and align to receiving your desired increased income IN THE FUTURE.

If you’re holding still and not spending or investing but hoarding, unsure of how to hold the increased abundance you’re seeing come in, spending or investing in a haphazard or unwise way, or simply inexperienced or confused about where to use more money so you block additional income by not giving your future money a purpose now, you can implement all the strategy you want and you still will not grow financially.

You must understand how to budget, manage company and personal finances correctly, build net worth, and reinvest the money you have right now BEFORE more money shows up.


This is what The Investor group VIP day is designed to prepare you to do.

In a 3 hour accelerated session, I will break down 5+ years of what I’ve learned about the money mindset that makes millionaires that me and my clients who have gone on to become millionaires have implemented early on.

I will teach how I think about investing to diversify my coaching income and grow my net worth. I will share with you major mistakes 99% of business owners make in managing their revenue that I have made and wish I had known not to make and I’ll explain exactly what to do differently to avoid these costly mistakes and save tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ll share my story of how I got into my main investment vehicles of real estate & crypto and a high level understanding and approach to take advantage of these extremely lucrative markets the way I have regardless of your current income level. Plus I’ll discuss The Investor mindset vs just being an ordinary business owner who stays on the hamster wheel without making your money make you money instead of YOU always making your money.

This is how the wealthy become wealthy. You must understand these principles and take action steps towards stewarding your money in this way now if you want to attain a certain level of abundance, time freedom, and economic sovereignty earlier on in this life like I’ve chosen to do and help and support my clients to do.


Here’s what you’ll learn about in this 3 hour accelerated deep dive:

  • The investor mindset I got into early on that helped me receive more money than I ever expected and how to adopt this right away for yourself

  • Where I initially went wrong in my spending & investing as a new millionaire (and the first one in my family)

  • What I wish I knew BEFORE I made a lot of money

  • An overview of exactly how I manage my company vs. personal finances and costly mistakes 99% of entrepreneurs make in this category that will lose you money

  • How to get into real estate or crypto or any other investment vehicle now

  • Understand the timeline I used to move from coaching to real estate and create a multi-million dollar asset portfolio in 3 years

  • And more


I will not:

  • Give you specific wealth or financial advisor referrals
  • Tell you what stocks or cryptos to buy (but I will tell you some projects I personally believe in and have made me gains)
  • Baby you on your money mindset
  • Help you if you’re stuck in a victim mentality
  • Convince you that making more money is important – I expect you to come hungry to succeed and valuing money

This is friendly for absolutely all levels of business.
The sooner you know these things, the better.

Plus you’ll have time to ask me LIVE questions that pertain to you around money mindset, financial management, investment ideas and strategies, and anything else related to our conversation.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. I am not a wealth advisor. I am simply a very successful business owner with a very successful personal track record of growing my net worth from $0. I am sharing personal recommendations from my personal experience in this area and you apply any and all teachings at your own risk.


Investor day was exactly what I needed to lock into my next level of wealth creation. I’m literally buzzing! I received SOO many golden nuggets that I feel like are going to turn into million/multi million dollar outcomes. The entire experience left me feeling so excited, inspired, dialed in, and with clear direction on what it takes to play BIG with money. So so gooood and if you’re serious about soul aligned wealth creation, it’s a must!

Regina Silva

Spiritual Business Mentor


Investor VIP day is a full download of how to increase the flow of money in your life in a very practical way with a day of energetic shifts.

Michelle Florez

Transformational Coach


Attending Elaina’s Investor VIP Day was a transformative experience for me. Elaina is not just a teacher, she is an inspiration. She has a unique way of making complex concepts simple and accessible, which completely shifted my perspective on money. In a society that often stresses the virtues of saving and shuns taking risks, Elaina stands out by empowering us to adopt the mindset of a true investor. Elaina’s personal journey of boldly investing added a deeply personal touch to her lessons. Her stories are not just inspiring but are also relatable and motivating. Being someone who was holding on to a nest egg, I now feel equipped and excited to grow my savings significantly, thanks to her. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to change their financial mindset and seriously grow their wealth.

Eric Russell

Transformation Coach


Want to do the deepest work on money of your life?

Take The Investor Group VIP Day Accelerated Package and receive:

Access to the entire Group VIP Day (value: $497)


Access to Real World Wealth, your complete guide to a full money upgrade (value: $1555)

Inside Real World Wealth, you’ll go in depth into topics we won’t have time to go into on the VIP Day such as:

  • My 7 step rewiring process to get rid of old money patterns and stubborn beliefs
  • The recipe I’ve taught clients for 5 years to increase their receptivity to more money that amplifies every single strategic move they make
  • How to hold more income when you’re new to making the kind of money you’re making or hoping to make so your nervous system can feel at ease
  • How to increase your energetic minimums and maximums around money
  • Money mindset work around pricing that will leave you feeling confident to charge your highest prices ever

Real World Wealth is a course you’ll listen to over and over again because it’s giving you not only solid information and practices around money – actually the ONLY work around money I’d argue you’d need to do to align to your inner millionaire when coupled with The Investor VIP Day – but it’s one that activates your energetic field every time you listen to it.

Put any modules of Real World Wealth on at any point on for 15 minutes/day for 3 months and watch your world around finances get completely reborn.

Total value: $2,052

Investment today only: $1111 for ALL


"I did something amazing this year because of Elaina’s energy and influence. I bought Real World Wealth last January and barely got past video 2 before shifting so quickly that I manifested a high ticket retreat for my inner circle, pre-launched it and SOLD OUT 20 spots in just 4 days! It was an $8000 success. All done with love."

Mandy Elizabeth

Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, Canada


"Real World Wealth is something I will revisit over and over. The information is so potent, I will continue to download in layers. After money worries and anxiety about spending on two of Elaina’s courses, I received a few large sums of money that surpassed the costs within a week."

Carly Stoj

Health & Wellness Expert, USA


"While doing Real World Wealth, I manifested £24,000 as a gift from a family member totally out of the blue, and I sold my first 1:1 coaching package - the biggest sale I had ever made in my business. I also started attracting more 1:1 clients for sessions because I opened myself up to offer more ways for people to work with me easily."

Deborah Summers 

Intuitive Energy Healer, UK



“Real World Wealth totally clears your money blocks and your holding and generating capacity expands big time.” 

Vikentiy Mahotkin

Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Russia


Learn money management practices, investment strategies, and practical financial mindset that will align you to creating and managing millions in a healthy way

Replay available

The Investor Group VIP Day

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, lawyer, certified financial accountant, or wealth advisor of any kind. Everything discussed is based on my personal experience only. All investments and financial risks are taken at your own risk and your own discretion.

About Me

Elaina Ray is a business strategist for entrepreneurs in the healing and personal development space. She started her own company at zero and became a self-made multi-millionaire in just three years. She's also the author of Becoming Self Made and the host of the Million Dollar Spirit Business podcast.

Elaina specializes in offer development, high ticket sales, scaling strategy, and mindset and management skills for accelerated business growth. She uses intuitive and energetic principles as well as solid, proven 7 figure strategy and has helped hundreds of clients grow to 6 and 7 figures themselves over the last 6 years.

Elaina also has a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with 3 properties on 2 continents and helps men and women invest the income from their coaching businesses in assets that create genuine financial freedom. She’s on a mission to help more people achieve financial freedom from doing their soul work and masterfully wielding wealth so good people can take up more space financially in the world.