Starts Monday, September 9
Call times are Mondays at 12pm CST


Starts Monday, September 9
Call times are Mondays at 12pm CST

You see the vision.

You know it’s possible to make the money you want to make, reach all the people you want to reach, have an influential platform, create amazing programs people love to buy and get incredible results from, be on all the stages and platforms you want to be on, know all the people you want to know


You want to feel a call to spend a week in the Maldives and have the time AND the money to make it happen. You want to be able to turn off your phone for a week whenever you want… because you’re the boss and this is what you created your own company for.

You want to see that Joe Dispenza is coming to a city near you and block off that entire week in your calendar at the last minute.

You want to go on vacation with your family to Portugal in the summer and play at the beach and not worry about your business while you’re off.

You want to sleep in and have a deliciously slow morning, preferably not speaking to another human until noon.

You want to have a team you trust to send the emails, post the posts, manage the launches, tend to the clients, help with the coaching, close the sales, update the automations, and support YOU to stay in your zone of genius.

You want to be able to make love in the middle of the day, run off to Mexico for a weekend with your beloved (and stay in the perfect beachfront hotel)

You want to fly business class on the long flight to Paris and rent the nicer villa for your month in Bali. You get that resources matter and having the extra expendable cash flow makes life easier, better, and lets you say yes to all the opportunities you want to say yes to.

Maybe you see a baby coming in the near future and you know you’ll need a better way of doing things that’ll let you be a mom first.

Or maybe you already have kids and know you need to tweak the business you already have to allow you to have more time

Maybe it’s time to write your book, but your business is demanding more of you than you’d like and keeps you from having the energy to start work on your REAL magnum opus.

Or you dream of being MUCH more than a coach and having other companies, creative projects, product-based businesses, real estate, or being an angel investor all feel so expansive and aligned for you — once you create the SPACE for them (and the overflow of resources to fund them).

Essentially, we believe in the same things, you and I.

We created our businesses to be free.

To be able to say yes.
To have the spaciousness to create the next thing.
To spend time with our loved ones.
To fund space and time for our inner work and continuous growth.
To travel the way we want to travel.
To support our families and beloved abundantly.


I created a multimillion dollar business because I knew the more resources I had, the more I scaled, the more money I made, the easier it would be.

The freer I would be.

The excess cash flow would be reinvested into freeing me up.

And so it was.

So I run a coaching business 2-3 hours per day, 3 days per week.

I travel as much as I want (I’m on a flight from Mexico to Costa Rica as I type this, about to be 8 days offline in the jungle with my best friends).

I turn my phone off as much as I want.

I’m frequently offline in foreign countries, simply spending time at home with loved ones, or snorkeling in the tropics.

I choose to be able to afford the best of the best - the best hotels, flights, wardrobe, food, mentorship, networking, and wellness treatments - so that I feel supported, healthy, and even more free.

I have a dream investment property in Bali I turned into a real estate business AND my dream home in Austin, Texas.

I spend lots of time with like-minded soulmate friends.

I had time to write my first book last year.

I have had two incredibly beautiful back to back long-term relationships with quality men the entire time I was growing my business.

I invest in growing community and have beautiful friends all over the world I get to sleep in with, party on Tuesdays with, and fly to the tropics with because we share the same values and results in our lives as intentional entrepreneurs.



Now it’s your turn, my love.

This is why I exist and why I’ve shown up in your life.

Because you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that YOU can have all this and more, and it’s just a few systems you’re missing right now.

A few tweaks to the way you’re approaching your business that would turn down the hustle and turn up the overflow.

That would not just increase revenue, but would do it with your values, lifestyle, time, and energy at the core of the strategic updates you make.



You don’t want to just make more money, you want it to feel good. You want to increase cash flow, absolutely, you’re a YES to being financially free and financially intelligent, and you’re ALSO a full yes to choosing to do it in a way that will free you up as you grow, not bind you tighter to your laptop.

You didn’t start your own business and get this far to be working like you did in your 9 to 5.

You didn’t set out to “do your own thing” and then wind up with a calendar packed with 1-1 calls or group programs and courses you feel you have to keep launching or everything will dry up.

You didn’t take all the risks you’ve taken to STILL have your fingers in all the pies every day all day: creating graphics, posting your own posts, setting up funnels, sending your own emails, doing sales calls and client calls, planning launch after launch, creating curriculum, updating your website, delighting clients, holding space, writing content, AND overseeing the OBM, whatever it might look like for you.

And you didn’t become the person you have become in order to stand still.

You believe in continuous growth.

You believe in your next level.

You believe in the big bank account.

You believe in feeling and being SUPPORTED as you step up. 

And you believe in having the time and energy to fully enjoy it, with community and beloved at your side, in the best health of your life, with honoring and listening to your body, with creative juices flowing and genuinely having fun inside and outside of your coaching work. 

And, most importantly, you’re beyond a doubt absolutely ready now. 

You are ready to become





This is for you if you already have clients, already know how to launch, already have social media platforms and visibility, and already have confidence in your ability to market, sell, and run a business in general, not to mention you’re very confident in what you help your clients with and the results to back it up.

You have the basics now and now you desire more time, space, revenue, and energy as you continue to uplevel.

Starts September 9, 2024

Time Rich was a total game changer for me and my business.  I would easily add an extra “0” to my investment and still feel like I got an incredible deal! The strategies and ideas that Elaina shared just make so much sense.  I can see a path to 7-figures for my business which feels so good, so smart, so elegant. I really feel like I have the strategies to play at the next level now. Elaina herself is simply a transmission. Her energy, her attitude, her mindset - just being in the space with her I learned so much about what it takes to be a 7-figure CEO. We covered so much ground in this program… from A to Z, I feel I have everything I need to grow my business and my impact. I'm so grateful for this program, I highly, highly recommend it!
Jaymin J Patel

CEO & Lead Coach at Everything is Possible, LLC & Founder of the Fully Lived Method


Here’s what we’ll be doing inside Time Rich:

  • Implement slight tweaks to your business model so you stop trading your time for money
  • Move away from heavy 1-1 calendars
  • Transition out of launching and feast or famine cycles
  • Hold more clients without energetically feeling maxed out
  • Use courses to scale your income without taking on live clients
  • Have simple systems to automate leads and bring in money while you sleep
  • Introduce or grow passive income in your business

Here’s how it works

  • brush-bullet-24

    Every month there will be 2-3 modules of clear cut teachings from me and then open group coaching where you’ll be able to have Q&A time with me on how all of these strategies apply to YOU and your business. Every laser coaching session will help you see clearly what you have now, what’s missing, what you’re not leveraging, missed opportunities for easy additional revenue, and blind spots in your mindset, message, or wealth energetics to having more. I may also channel through the next level of your mission, messaging, visibility, and platform expansion when you're in the hot seat.

  • There are also 2 90-minute bonus group coaching sessions where you’ll have additional opportunities to be laser coached by me and get any blocks to you implementing these upgrades removed. This isn’t coaching as you may have had it before, this is a business CONSULTING where I’ll be providing my no-nonsense recommendations on how you can scale your business with your intentions and values for spaciousness and time AND financial freedom at the core.

Starts Monday, September 9
Call times are Mondays at 12pm CST

It's been so many years since I've had a business coach because I prided myself on being the one who creates the strategies. I remember the feeling when I said yes to this, I got to feel what my clients feel: someone's going to hold me in a strategy that I really deeply admire and I get to receive. It was such a juicy, yummy feeling knowing that I was held and supported and didn't have to figure out the next growth stage by myself. This has been an incredible growth portal for me. I loved the style and elegance and the delivery and the high caliber people who were attracted to this program.
I've produced two standalone products, which has not been historically what I do. I've historically been very much a live coaching gal, so I just loved that result. Making like $3k on just a single masterclass that I did that will continue to make money is one of the most profound psychological shifts in my business. I feel like I got the activation of the thing that I've been wanting to for a long time, which is just getting away from doing everything live. In my launch I had added fast action bonuses, and we had an incredible launch of 200 students and over six figures for a six week course, which is amazing.

Jolie Dawn

Founder, Creatrix Calling, USA



Here’s the precise curriculum overview:

  • 01

    Module 1: The most spacious business models you can transition into right now with a few tweaks

    There are ways to structure a business that will readily scale with spaciousness, and there are ways to structure one that simply won't, no matter how good you are at filling the programs inside that business model. Like with anything I teach, there’s not a one size fits all, but several options of business models that ARE very scalable so you can choose the one that feels best for your goals, lifestyle, and alignment right now.

  • 02

    Module 2: Secrets to raising your rates and selling high end

    One of the easiest ways to be more spacious right away is to have fewer clients at more deeply invested price points. The trouble is, many coaches, even experienced ones like you, bump up against the usual challenges when it comes to raising your price points: what’s the right number? Where will you find the people to pay the rates you desire? How can you attract higher caliber people into your audience? We dive into the answers to all of these questions and more so you can sell your highest end offers ever with ease.

  • 03

    Module 3: Filling group programs without stress

    Group programs are a great way to replace 10 calls on your calendar with one, but you’ve got to have a system for filling them. We’ve been helping clients fill their groups for years now, so learn our secrets to systematized launching that barely feels like launching – and especially the secrets I’ve used so that each time I launch a group, it fills even better and easier than the last time.

  • 04

    Module 4: Evergreen Programs: How you can stop launching and get off the coaching hamster wheel

    I ran evergreen programs for years and they really helped me to attain that consistency and end the feast or feminine cycle even the most badass coaches can fall into simply because of the nature of the typical coaching business model. With a few tweaks, you could be drastically improving the consistency of your income and client flow. Learn the ins and outs of how to run evergreen programs, how they work, when to introduce them, how to make sure there’s urgency for people to still buy regularly, and how these can provide so much space to your business as you grow.

  • 05

    Module 5: Masterminds: Best practices and strategies for selling them easefully and delivering them effectively

    Masterminds have long been a part of most coaches' leveraged business models, but they aren’t always easy to fill consistently. Learn the sales strategies to keep them full AND the delivery behind the scenes so you can energetically serve more people without burning yourself out or having client drama behind closed doors. Whether you already have a mastermind or want to be running one, learn the best ways to maximize profitability of your business and deliver consistent value to your high ticket clients.

  • 06

    Module 6: How and when to do courses profitably

    Courses are one of the only things in the coaching world that are truly scalable and require very little energy to the coach after they are built. The key is course STRATEGY so they don’t a) sell to no one when you go to launch and b) sit on your website gathering dust. I have a dialed in course strategy that I will break down step by step with you so you can make money with as little one-time effort as possible.

  • 07

    Module 7: Funnels: The easiest ways to monetize what you’ve already created and automate lead generation so you always have clients inquiring about your programs

    Passive income can be easy and straightforward to set up, especially when you’ve already run your signature programs a few times. In all likelihood you’re doing A LOT of things manually that should be automated and you’re missing a lot of ways to bring in revenue in the background of your business – especially to fill in the gaps between big launch spurts. In module 7 I’ll go through the ins and outs of how we’ve set up funnels to automate a huge percentage of revenue over the last two years so you can make money in your sleep.

  • 08

    Module 8: Support Systems: Who to hire and when so you free up your calendar and never waste money paying the wrong people at the wrong time

    One of the biggest keys to spaciousness is having the right people on your team. You don’t need lots of them and it doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact the key to keeping costs down is to hire the absolute right role at the absolute right moment in your business, so this is what you’ll be learning in module 8. I’ll walk you through who I hired and when in my business, what everyone does, and how that directly frees up time and increases profit in the business. I’ll even open up my personal referral network to you so you can get referrals to the best VAs, web developers, copywriters, support coaches, lawyers, accountants, wealth advisors, you name it, to assist with your own hiring and scaling process, too. This module alone is worth the investment of the entire program!


Your Investment

$5K pay in full


3 monthly payments of $1997

Starts Monday, September 9

Call times are Mondays at 12pm CST


Know you’re a VIP looking for the most personalized attention from me throughout this experience?

Time Rich VIPs receive 2 private 1-1 coaching calls with me throughout the entire journey, normally only accessible in my 1-1 mentorship that ranges from $25,000-$45,000.

$7500 pay in full


3 monthly payments of $2650

Starts Monday, September 9, 2024


Starts Monday, September 9

Call times are Mondays at 12pm CST


Time Rich has been helpful in offering the tweaks and strategies that I can implement in my business today to see followers actually convert to paying customers. After using Elaina's strategy for delivering masterclasses in a way that gets people to buy, I held a 30 minute LIVE on Instagram and SIX people bought my offer. I've also learned how I can save myself a lot of time when it comes to content creation through using Elaina's tricks for content repurposing, no more spending hours creating content every week! I have walked away from Time Rich with a clear understanding of the things that I need to do to elevate my business to the next level, can't wait to see more results!

Erica Turner

Relationship Coach, USA


Got questions, love? I have answers.

  • What time are the calls?

    Call times are Mondays at 12pm CST, but that is subject to change.

  • This sounds great but I can’t do it right now. When is the next round?

    There is no future date set. I invite you to look at how not creating time to tweak the business so you have the time, money, and energy you really desire is a self-perpetuating cycle that you and only you are in charge of ending. There’s never a perfect moment to change — so choosing to change anyway is critical to have the results you say you want and that you know are possible for you.

  • Is this a closed container or an evergreen program?

    It’s a closed container, meaning you have to register by the start date and everyone in the program will start and finish together, cohort-style. 


  • What if I can’t make all the calls?

    You will probably have at least one or two calls you won’t be able to make throughout the 3 months. No problem, you can simply watch the replay to catch up. PLUS you’ll have access to download and save all the replays and the entire Time Rich curriculum to visit anytime you desire.

  • I want more 1-1 time with you, Elaina!

    Amazing! Upgrade to Time Rich VIP or apply for my private mentorship if you’re desiring higher level support. I’d love to meet you.

  • Are there refunds or guaranteed results?

    Nope, the terms and conditions of this program are very clearly. You're making a calculated risk to invest in your business and there are no refunds and no guaranteed results. You're responsible to implement what you learn, be consistent and patient, and allow your learning to integrate into the upgraded way you do business over time. Case studies and testimonials show you what is possible and what other hardworking clients have seen occur, but no guarantee of the same happening for you. 


about Elaina

Elaina Ray is a business strategist for entrepreneurs in the healing and personal development space. She started her own company at zero and became a self-made multi-millionaire in just three years. She's also the author of Becoming Self Made and the host of the Million Dollar Spirit Business podcast.

Elaina specializes in offer development, high ticket sales, scaling strategy, and mindset and management skills for accelerated business growth. She uses intuitive and energetic principles as well as solid, proven 7 figure strategy and has helped hundreds of clients grow to 6 and 7 figures themselves over the last 6 years.

Elaina also has a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with 3 properties on 2 continents and helps men and women invest the income from their coaching businesses in assets that create genuine financial freedom. She’s on a mission to help more people achieve financial freedom from doing their soul work and masterfully wielding wealth so good people can take up more space financially in the world.